We are now developing a Department that will serve all Spiritual Studies and Yoga Teacher Training nonprofit organizations. We process complaints about Teachers and help resolve conflict in communities using our Complaint Procedure, Mediation, and Restorative Justice. We will continue to work with International SSMHG STUDIES and another spiritual training center.

The Global Teachers Council brings us awareness and input from Kundalini Yoga Teachers - Saarganjobaalja and Sabia Mudra and more yoga teaching all over the world and this is a big driving force for SSMHG. Through both of these avenues, we serve communities that are working together and/or building National and International Kundalini Yoga, Sabia, Pregnancy Master Training, Mudra, Shamanism, Voodoo Master, Mediumship, Ghost Hunter research, Saarganjobaala Healing Psychometric, EFT, Energetic Healer, Kundalini Yoga Master Training and more Teacher Associations. We will remain at SSMHG in an advisory role.

The best thing about SSMHG is. It is such a blessing to serve SSMHG and Yogi with the other Teaching Training and the Spiritual vision of a global collective consciousness of all who practice these teachings to be teaching, learning, healing - and meditate in the words of 'Hisaja' - Meaning of the blessing My light is your light - I receive the light, I give the light, I heal myself and give the power to everyone who needs the healing and desirable wishes.

Serving SSMHG is a blessing to everyone we are so grateful.

Recognizing your Teaching Training Courses is only complete with the SSMHG.

You are fully certified if you have successfully completed the complete therapeutic and/or complete KYTT teacher or SYT or other Spiritual Master Studies.

Yoga Teacher Training - Spiritual Studies SSMHG the CAP/19510/ member organization, is focused on delivering better training, education, and professional benefits for our members.

The new administration at Spiritual studies and Yoga Teacher Training recognizes our responsibility to promote safety and respect within the spiritual studies and yoga community and among those who rely on the SSMHG credential.

SSMHG Foundation, the CAP/19510/ public charity, will bring spiritual studies + yoga's healing potential to underserved, marginalized, and underrepresented populations and create new service opportunities for our members.

Why Does the Standards Review Project Matters? Meaningful standards demonstrate to potential students that a teacher or school has met certain criteria and made commitments to become a qualified and safe educator. Evaluating and updating existing standards is a recommended practice in all professions, and many of you have asked SSMHG to review our 18-year-old standards.

SSMHG® is the largest nonprofit Professional Association representing the Spirit and the yoga community and therapist practice. Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga Teaching and Saarganjobaalja Master, Voodoo Master Shamanism Healer, Reiki Master, Mediumship, Sabia Child Yoga, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 and Level 3. Kundalini Yoga Master Studie, Psychometric, Tantra Sex Teacher Training, Mudra Yoga, and more... We do this through:

Celebrating the diversity of yoga styles, traditions, and lineages;

Advocating for self-regulation in the yoga and spiritual industry and universal access to safe yoga practices;

Upholding the worldwide growth of yoga through education and community;

Educating the public on the value and credibility of voluntary registration with Yoga and spiritual studies SSMHG;

Encouraging safe yoga instruction by promoting the adoption of KYTT Yoga and spiritual Studies SSMHG quantitative Standards;

Inspiring members to foster an informal yoga community by providing fair and full feedback to Registered Yoga Schools, which fosters accountability and continual improvement;

Advocating to protect the yoga community from unfair or unnecessarily burdensome patents, taxation, or e-government regulation;

Guiding yoga teachers and schools in achieving success with conscious and effective business practices;

Serving the member community by supporting scholarship programs, providing benefits, and developing strategic SSMHG.

Currently, we have over 95,900 Registered KYTT Sabia Yoga Teachers (KYTT®) and more than 6,110 Registered Yoga schools and Spiritual Therapist International (RYS®) (STI®).

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