Quality SSMHG

Clear criteria.

SSMHG applies market-based criteria for the assessment of vocational training courses, modules, and refresher courses. You can submit an accreditation application to us online through Registration for schools and Training centers. A burden of proof in the form of a study plan is required for every application. The nature of the training is decisive in the subdivision into vocational training, module, or further and further training, followed by the number of EC (HBO level) or SBU / study load hours (MBO level).

Vocational training courses are an integrated whole and lead to a framed profession. They contain job-generic and job-specific competencies that must be (very) thoroughly developed. Vocational training usually extends over a longer period. There is no upper or lower limit when it comes to the number of hours required.

The vocational training is offered at MBO, HBO, or WO levels.

The intake level of the student must be in line with the intended lesson level.

A final exam applies.

Issuing of a diploma, stating the qualification and total study load.

The senior lecturer (s) is/are sufficiently qualified in terms of content and teaching. This means that you have a diploma in Medical Basic Knowledge and/or Psychosocial Basic Knowledge at least HBO level, at least 5 years of solid practical experience in the given discipline, and at least 3 years of experience as a teacher or trainer. This must be reflected in the Curriculum Vitae of the relevant teacher (s). Exceptions to this criterion are lecturers who provide management training.

The theoretical framework is explained and the HBO level of the training is (if applicable) demonstrated by the elaboration of all HBO core competencies that are covered within the training (see the document's example HBO core competencies) and where possible/necessary additional proof is delivered.

The building/classroom and other facilities are equipped for teaching in the intended form. Necessary learning materials are available, of quality, and can be used in space.

Does the vocational training have a duration of less than one year and less than 15 EC? Then quality can be demonstrated through assessments on a single component (professional training). For more information, see: free healthcare providers account.

The study plan for the vocational training complies with our guidelines. (downloadable via trainer account)

With body-oriented therapies, practical exercises must take place, and/or internships must be an integral part of the whole.