Purchasing studies for Schools 

(This is for Online or Practice School) 

Below you will find an explanation of how it works if you decide to start your own training centers.

You can choose from different packages, among which it is mandatory to purchase six courses.

Below you will find the basic packages. If you want a different package, the price will have to be adjusted. Therefore, it is best that you indicate which studies you want to follow. The courses may be offered both online and in practice. However, if you are going to practice, the distance from another trainer must be at least 35 km.

Furthermore, the conditions of the SSMHG are that you are obliged to register every student with the SSMHG. After obtaining her or his diploma, the SSMHG will forward the certificate to your client. The client will then be entered into the register of the professional organization and will receive a reminder of renewal every three years. You can pass on the price in your studies. However, you will receive a basic list in which you may not be lower with the prices, but higher.

With your chosen study programs, you will receive an indemnity and contract that you may sell the studies and give the education at home and abroad.

Choice 1 Package - Price Purchasing Study Centers $51,000 -

Six installments of 6x $8,700 including interest

All yoga courses

Kundalini Yoga L1 L2 L3

Kundalini Yoga Master Teaching

Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2

Mudra Yoga Teacher Training

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teacher Training

Choice 2 package - Price Purchasing Study Centers 21,000 euros 6x 3,800 including interest

Spiritual studies:

angel therapist

Shamanism Healing

Voodoo Master



Ghost Hunter

Choice 3 package - Price Purchasing Study Centers 42,000 euros 6x 7,500 euros including interest

Doctor training:


TCM Tradition Chinese Medicine

Ayurveda level 1 level 2

EFT Therapy

social psychology

Child Psychology

Choice 4 package - This is calculated separately according to the choice of your centers.

Choose your own study package

6 different studies for your own study centers!!

***Choice 5 package (most chosen)

All studies available now

Fixed and benefit price 59,000 euros 12 x 5000 dollars including interest

These are the standard choice packages for registering for the SSMHG and you will receive the first 20 students for free.

Please read it carefully and if you have any questions, it is best to send them by email so that we can make a precise calculation for you. The 6 chosen studies can also be done in 6x monthly installments.

We look forward to working with you are you interested in SSMHG studies registration below.

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